Intrepid Failure invites you to find adventure.


This doesn’t mean you need to plan a big trip or pack your bags. All you need to do is look. Really, we are inviting you to REDEFINE ADVENTURE. Adventure is anytime you step outside your comfort zone. Anytime you experiment, take an action with an unknown outcome, or learn something new, you are stepping into your challenge zone.

The challenge zone is a place of fear and magic. Fear of the unknown or PERCEIVED FAILURE, and magic because growth, learning, and wonderful experiences can only happen when we challenge ourselves. This perception of failure can either expand our challenge zone, allowing us to play there, or diminish it by moving us directly to our breaking point, the panic zone.

Bruce Lee, the famous martial artist and actor is credited with saying,

“Don’t fear failure.  Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts, it is glorious even to fail.”

We would like to add that it’s not just in great attempts that failure can be glorious, but rather any attempt. Glorious failure suggests a certain acceptance of self and the process. It requires self-compassion and great understanding. Intrepid Failure uses your stories of adventure to create a world where the perception of failure is embraced or ceases to exist.