Introduction, Video

Hello and Welcome!

You may have noticed that Intrepid Failure has slowly been making its appearance on the great world wide web! We have been planning and working with such excitement to create a foundation for Intrepid Failure. At times it feels slow and at others it feels fast and rushed. At all stages, we keep holding compassion, checking in, and allowing ourselves to let the feeling of being in the challenge zone seep into our bones. This post officially marks day 1 of our blog! Our blog is here to introduce you to the concept of Intrepid Failure, to share stories from beyond the comfort zone (in the form of story night recordings and written stories from contributors), and to further explore how our perception of failure influences our growth and our lives.

We will begin by releasing stories from our first event which was held at Peak Sports in Corvallis, OR in 2017. This was officially our first stab at introducing Intrepid Failure and was the moment it truly came into being. Standby for more and enjoy!

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